A alternative Christmas 2019 playlist that I made on . Every song is Creative commons license. For more license details click on the individual songs.

@ericbuijs oh man. I forgot about my funkwhale project. Maybe I'll host it on work's datacenter 🤔

@ericbuijs It just spins and says the list is empty when I try it. Both local and proxy connections in two different browsers.

@gemlog Are you on mobile because I just discovered I had the same on Android/Tusky.

@ericbuijs No. At home now using FF (proxy to german vps) and Falkon (local link). I did try from downtown using canadian tire wifi on an android tablet too.

@gemlog This is unexpected. For my playlists one needs to be logged in to the Funkwhale instance. This is contrary to a link to a single song or to a couple of playlists which can be played even if you aren't logged in. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

@ericbuijs OK, the downtown one I would have clicked from fedilab.

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