I wrote a blogpost why I'm moving my content from YouTube to . I hope more content creators here will follow.

@ericbuijs great article Eric!

I hope more and more people make the move, it's really the on "free" alternative.

The only system that won't / can't be co-opted (here's looking at you lbry and steemit) Basically anything with a profit motive.

Truth is, is not full of stars, just "temporarily embarassed" stars.... most just want to share , learn, and be heard:)

@ericbuijs I assume most content creators here already led.
It's all the other content creators we need to convince.

@Zergling_man I see plenty of content creators here link to their own YouTube channel so I'll try to convince them first.

@ericbuijs great. I'm looking forward more understandable content (I only understand English and Scandinavian languages)

Thanks! In your article you give a link to a list of instances. Any idea what the "Health" column refers to?

For example has the most users, allows signup but has a sad face.

@normandc I can't tell for sure because I couldn't find any explanation but I found that the ones with the red faces couldn't be reached (with the exception of so it probably has to do with uptime of the instance where red is bad and green is good.

Great article. Hope more people will start using PeerTube

@madrox @ericbuijs it would be great if more people would use peertube

@ericbuijs I wonder why no one talks about LBRY. It seems like a pretty good alternative.

@jordan31 Interesting but a difference with PeerTube is that there is a central organisation behind LBRY. It's not possible to create your own instance.

Another one, the network is decentralized based on blockchain technology.

I also think it's not fully open source (maybe some parts).

Appears to be the new home of a lot of angry YT refugees.

@ericbuijs @jordan31 Both approaches have pros and cons, imo. With lbry/blockchain you can run a desktop app whether anyone's domain is seized or not. With peertube you can access another instance if another instance's admins have been hauled into court or if they start datamining. People could fork lbry into many networks and have the best of both worlds. Also, a fork could build anonymity into the network like running a lbry type app on top of something like the loki network (or a non-corp run fork of it). There's also which is partially built on a monero fork. I find it a little frustrating to use right now, but maybe things will get ironed out for users in the future.
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