Stallman resigning from FSF is really bad news for free software. This article sheds some light on the matter.

@ericbuijs Bad news for white cis men in libre software, great news for everyone else.

@ericbuijs I could only give you a colloquial definition, best look it up yourself.

@mjog Well that's helpful. According to Wikipedia cisgender is defined as a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned at birth. Cisgender may also be defined as those who have "a gender identity or perform a gender role society considers appropriate for one's sex". It is the opposite of the term transgender.

Makes me wonder why this is according to you 'bad news for white cis men in libre software'?

@ericbuijs Sounds about right.

In any case, it's not according to me – the only people saying that Stallman stepping down is a bad thing are white, cis, men. Literally *everyone* else is celebrating.

@ericbuijs Free software will be just fine. RMS wasn't the only one involved.

@cavaliertusky Sure hope so. I kind of like his attitude and position on free software but I suppose this attitude could also alienate a lot of people and doing more harm than good.

@ericbuijs I mean, he's not the only one with that attitude at all. He's not the only one with that intense Foss mindset.



You may read this Reddit comment (sorry) for a hint of why RMS is so disturbing to many people. I had read of this years ago. I'm really disturbed that his apologists have chosen to ignore this for so long and still continue to do so. RMS' demise is is own doing, not a "corporate media conspiracy" or whatever else BS that's been going around on Mastodon.


@normandc Thanks for the link. These are indeed very disturbing posts. Rather disgusting even. Makes me completely change my position on RMS.

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