Distro personal crisys (an open letter to myself... )

tl;drI think this is something that happens from time to time but I think I need to change distro for a while. And I just realized this long post is for me, because I have to deal with my ideals and I am not really happy to do that, but I am not having fun with Debian recently and I need to solve it. social.isurf.ca/display/c443a5

@ericbuijs Hi Man,

glad to see you here!

Since the moment my Laptop is a System76 one, the natural choice is Pop!_Os. I am already starting to compare Ubuntu with Pop! and I found the latter more intuitive than Ubuntu...

@daniel01 Hi Daniel, great to see you here too. The Diaspora pod I was on has been closed. So this is currently my only social media account.

I heard of Pop!_Os but never used it myself. I should try it sometime. I currently use Ubuntu MATE on my Desktop PC and like it so much that I want to install it on my (very old) laptop too but it never hurts to try something else.

We'll keep in touch.

@ericbuijs I see...

I use Friendica as main account and Diaspora from my phone. Pop!_Os is pretty neat, I mean it is almost a carbon copy of Ubuntu but it has its philosophy...


I tried Mate on Debian but eventually I found Xfce4 more modular, along wayland that is not a priority for me, Xfce4 needs just an integrated dock and an expose-like function to be almost perfect. It has a bad copy of the Gnome-Shell activity that is completely useless and ugly.

You know what? I installed Devuan (testing/beowulf) + Runit on my working virtual machine and it is blazing fast, unbelievable, so fast that I would install it on my other laptop with Debian Testing. I am pretty sure the culprit is Lightdm however I really recommend it, I am not sure if with OpenRC is the same faster because I decided to use Runit.
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