It appears that Joseph Prusa is going to compete with Thingiverse with his own 3D model repository. Good news. Joseph truly believes in open source while Makerbot, the owner of Thingiverse, betrayed the open source community in the past.

There is already a more open source friendly alternative to thingiverse. It will be difficult for anyone to supplant thingiverse because it's so entrenched.

@kelbot I certainly like the privacy policy of YouMagazine even better than that of Prusa but like other existing alternatives it lacks scale. I think Prusa has a better chance because of the large user base of his printers. Currently I find myself searching on Thingiverse even without considering something else (I'm not very proud of that).

Possibly. We'll see if it gets any traction. I usually search youmagine first then go to thingiverse if I don't find what i'm looking for.

@kelbot @ericbuijs Youmagine is kind of dead. I posted stuff there, then tried to get to support about some issue and there was no way of contacting anyone.

I emailed but never got a reply. I'm hoping there would be some interest in prusa site and the developers would care about it.

@avolkov @kelbot I explored Youmagine a little bit more and found that Thomas Sanladerer is using it too. I find this encouraging since he's a big name in the 3D printer industry. Also judging by the views on some projects the number of users appears to be bigger than I initially thought. I don't know about the support but I imagine that it's hard to get an email reply on Thingiverse.

I have found that it doesn't have the sheer volume and variety of thingiverse but it does have a pretty large catalog and there is plenty of good stuff.

After a quick overview, I see two drawbacks with Prusa's Prints sharing site:
1 - no 3D stl viewer - really? How could they not implement this right from the start?
2 - Model file formats seem only to support polygon mesh formats? I couldn't find any FAQ. A website that does not allow to provide actual *source* files (*.FCStd being my preference or *.STEP, or even *.scad) is nothing but DOA.

@normandc I agree with both points. For the second I would like to add that Prusa as an open source company should give users the options to exchange their source files.

Since Prusa just started the repository I just hope they'll add both features in the near future.

I wish that independent 3D printer hardware companies would have put their business interests aside and shared resources to propose a unified file sharing platform as a counterweight to the Thingiverse behemoth. Prusa's website is just a duplication of energy... Imagine a "Youmagine" backed by Ultimaker, Prusa and Aleph Objects...

@normandc Or a fully independent federated repository. Given the succes of Mastodon I'm beginning to believe that it could be possible. Lots of tech savvy 3D printers out there.

@normandc I hadn't heard of it but a collaborative open source tool for CAD projects is very intriguing. It's early days but I hope this will gain traction.

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