Looking for a FLOSS alternative for reignited my interest in . If only I can convince my friends to use Movim or any other client. Anyway here is a short blog post of mine about Movim.

@anonymousdude Jitsi is FLOSS and has XMPP support so that's good. First time that I heard of Tox.

@ericbuijs I think NextCloud Talk also enables multi-user video chat. I havn't looked at movim for a while and it's on the list of things to possibly add to #freedombone.

@bob I have Freedombone on my project list for this year :D. So I'd love to see Movim on it.

@ericbuijs nice—I use too, and some of my friends use as the web interface since it's one of the neatest ones out there (looks-wise).

Also, great to hear they're planning encryption—that's one thing keeping me for recommending it to everyone!

@ericbuijs thanks for sharing. I've tried to configure a few floss video chat systems but haven't gotten any to work yet.

Signal also can be a good alternative, I use it also as sms application...

@ericbuijs i'm not sure this was fully understandable -- movim is not exactly the same thing as hangouts, so don't you mean that xmpp itself is the alternative to hangouts? movim is simply a pubsub built on top of xmpp. it makes no sense to say that movim can "login to multiple servers with the same account" because you are essentially logging into multiple accounts. the data lives on your xmpp server(s), not your movim server. it's not much different than using pidgin/etc.

@trwnh Thanks for the comments. I initially used Movim for the social media functionality like communities. Which works great BTW. It was only later that I started using chat. But you're right if only chat is needed one can also use any other XMPP client. I'll clarify that in the text. About the multiple login I'll skip that and will stress the federation of XMPP providing potentially a network that can handle loads better.

@ericbuijs it's funny because hangouts still uses xmpp at its core (the old -- they just shut down external access and wrote some proprietary client-side features based on webRTC. to some extent, it's a wonder no one has bothered implementing a solid Jingle calling experience...

@ericbuijs i suppose it's for much the same reasons why movim is the only viable pubsub client. the xmpp space is not very well-managed and extensions aren't adopted as quickly or widely.

Hello Eric,

Nice you shared your article on #fediverse and we get to read about it.

An other thing is that we can easily reply/comment.

Replying requires login on the site.


@noorul Thank you. The login is because of all the porn spam I was getting every day. I'm sorry about that but this was the only thing that helped.

If you enabled #ActivityPub plugin on your #WordPress,

We can follow and interact from here on #fediverse


@noorul I didn't know that. Thanks, I'll try that and see how it performs.

@noorul I installed the ActivityPub plugin and that went very smooth. I hope I can see the result when I post my next blog entry.

@noorul It's but somehow I can't find it in Mastodon.

@noorul I don't know exactly but when I enter the url I get a warning in Mastodon: "Remote SSL certificate could not be verified"

I hope you sort it out soon and some one could #help you with this


@noorul Well I've got the SSL certificate for my website.

@noorul No it's one that came from my German webhoster.

@noorul No it's one of those cheap WordPress packages.

How much is cheap ?

You get vps hosting as low as $2.5 per month


@noorul It's 3 euro per month including SSL certificate and email with 1000 mail addresses. Not that I need that many.

It's written well.

And I've few things to talk about.

I am #floss devotee.

I know #Google #Hangout is instant messenger but not sure of it's features.

#XMPP is great protocol.

But not sure you choose #Movim


@noorul Initially I choose Movim for it's social network properties on top of XMPP. It was only later that I became to appreciate the chat functionality of Movim. That's my reason to use it but there are of course XMPP clients that just do chat and may be a better option for some.


I got ask you.

Is there a way to follow or interact with posts on #Movim account from an #xmpp client?

Assume I've a simple xmpp acc not signed up on movim but like to follow your movim acc and get feed to xmpp client/chat.

Any possible?


@noorul Sure you can use any XMPP client to interact with Movim.

my account is:

Yes we can interact on xmpp client

But can I get your post/feed to my xmpp client?


@noorul I see. I've got subscribers with Jabber and Friendica accounts so yeah it should be possible.

That's right,

You can have #Movim as social network and #XMPP.

I recently got back to xmpp after using matrix, signal telegram.

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