A somewhat older (2016) but still interesting article about the history of . Also contains a biography of Mike Macgirvin the developer that started , Hubzilla and . It's interesting to learn that Mike launched Mistpark, the predecessor of Friendica, before *.

@ericbuijs This is quite a good history and there are a few things I didn't know Mike did. I notice he has now personally abandoned ActivityPub due to its lack of privacy controls and is sticking to zot based systems.

Friendica was one of the first things I self-hosted in about 2011/2012. It was spelled with a 'k' at first. I had tried the initial release of Diaspora but after repeated attempts failed to get it to run. Friendica was far easier to install, being just LAMP.
Osada (one of his current projects) is based on ActivityPub. So no, he hasn't abandoned AP.
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