Helping my son buillding the prototype to collect disposable beer cups that we designed earlier in . We still need to build-in the Seeeduino and we definately need another sensor. What a stupid idea it was to use the sonic sensor. 😅

Link to earlier post about this project.

@ericbuijs BTW, thanks for introducing me to Solvespace. I've looked into it some and intend to spend time with it.

What other neat free libre tools do you use that I might not be familiar with?

@DistroJunkie I sometimes use OpenJSCAD instead of OpenSCAD. It's 3D-CAD tool in the browser where you use JS code to design the model.

Another one is MeshLab that I use on my models for post processing. It's not the easiest tool to work with but it can do awesome things such as smoothing or simplifying your model. Originally Meshlab meshlab was used in archeology to create a mesh from 2d photos (I should try that sometime).

@ericbuijs Thanks. I will look into them even though I don't care fir JS code. Maybe this will change my mind.😃

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