I've been postponing this for too long but I finally started to learn scripting. Below the first humble fruits of my labor.

@ericbuijs Nice! When you get to the point that you want to run a linter, I can’t recommend #shellcheck enough. There are soo many gotchas in bash, I’m embarrassed to look at my old work before I found shellcheck.

@pra Great tip, thanks. Immediately added to my bookmarks.

@ericbuijs Bash is insane. But very powerful. I've been writing shell scripts for a LONG time and I'm definitely glad I learned how. I can't think of a better shell language for anyone to learn.

@lee8oi What'd put me of is the syntax that at first glance looks very cryptic compared to js, python etc. Do you have any pointers on the best way to learn it?

@ericbuijs Its often more cryptic the more advanced the author is. But one constant truth in coding is that clean & simple is perfectly ok too. Developers should always try to opt for simplicity before resorting to complexity. (continued)

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