A design made in the 3DCAD program for a prototype that my son is making for school. It will be a playful system for disposable cups.

Solvespace is just perfect for these kind of assemblies. Fast, easy to work with. Making 3DCAD an enjoyable experience.


Okay, now you have me intrigued. What is the triangular arrangement of tubes designed to do?

@codesections @Algot The idea is to collect disposable plastic beer cups to prevent litter e.g during a concert. The playful element is that every pipe represents a beer brand. The cups are being counted with a sensor per pipe and when it reaches a certain number you earn a free beer of the brand that you chose.

@ericbuijs @codesections

Cool project!
Good luck with it. I'm guessing it isn't actually designed for a small 3D printer like mine. 😉

@Algot @codesections Thanks. It will be pretty big for a prototype. About 50 by 40cm. Definitely to big for my printer. So we're using thin plywood and plastic drain pipe. And threaded rod to keep it all together.

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