Given that many G+ community owners need to make a decisions soon I wrote a blog post about software to create a or .

@ericbuijs Thanks for writing the article, would be interested to read it, but when I click on the link there is nothing there.

@obestwalter Thanks for notifying me, much appreciated. That's odd, it works for me. Hopefully it's a temporary glitch. Could I ask you a favor and try it again?

@ericbuijs I had a another look. It's my uBlock origin that is filtering out your article - but only that one. The other articles work. A quick look at the logs shows that mainly social logos and wp-stats where filtered, so one if those must be misinterpreted in a way that the complete article vanishes :)

@ericbuijs if I disable "cosmetic filtering" on that page, the article is shown.

@obestwalter Thanks Oliver. The WordPress theme that I'm using (like many others) adds unwanted javascript and it really annoys me. I'm working on my own theme without FB buttons and other bullshit.

@ericbuijs ah, I think I've read the article before and it didn't include mastodon yet? Thankfully it does now :) I hope it helps community owners to make a choice!

@vancha I hesitated to add Mastodon because of the different dynamic compared to a classic forum but Derek Hohls changed my mind earlier today.

@ericbuijs interesting - I didn't know most of them. For me the standard forum software is still phpBB and discourse is the new kid on the block.

@ericbuijs Please have a look at #Discourse

It is in use by #Mozilla @fsmk_org ( ) @fsftn ( ),

I was going to mention discourse, I've been trying to set up a trial. Another one which popped up in my searching was vanilla.

Ideally I'd like the federated offerings to support groups/communities, but they don't seem to. Hashtags are a poor substitute. Friendica is on my radar though (and also in your list)

@ericbuijs @demonshreder @fsmk_org @fsftn

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