To my horror I saw today that the ZDNet journalist Steven Vaughan-Nichols that I followed on G+ opened a FB account and asked people to follow him there. He tried * but didn't like it much. I couldn't convince him to try another social network. It somehow feels like a loss to me.😞

@ericbuijs well, you might be the reason I'm on here though. I think we are in the same g+ foss community. So consider that a win then ;)

@vancha Much appreciated, I definitely count that as a win.

@ericbuijs It is and I'm sorry. Don't give up educating your friends.

@ericbuijs Steve has always been full pragmatist. He uses what works for him and his usecase without caring too much about the grand scheme of things.
It is sad to not have him here, though, he writes great articles about open-source!

@ericbuijs That does indeed suck. Unfortunately FB is far too mainstream and deeply entrenched into the 99% of human beings social media consumption. They struck while the iron was hot back in the day and have been unshakable since then. I will do my best not to get a FB unless absolutely necessary as I am not a fan of their practices when it comes to security and moderation. On the upside though, I follow him on Diaspora and he still seems fairly active on it, so who knows 😁

@DonMcCollough I consider Mr Zuckerberg extremely harmful to humanity. So the chance of me joining FB is zero. :D.

I started following Steven today on his Diaspora channel so I hope that helps (if even a little bit).

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