I came across the Cemetry. It contains a fun and impressive list of discontinued Google services including an explanation why it was discontinued.

@ericbuijs @djsundog I’m going to miss Inbox the most, although I am trying to remove all Google from my life.

@Averly @djsundog Google is so notorious in ending services that it's foolish to rely on them. I used to be a regular user of Google reader, iGoogle and G+. This is part of the reason for me to stop using Google completely. The other part is the data mining.

@ericbuijs @Averly @djsundog been trying to off and on of finding ways off of Google, just been lacking the time to dig in and research and find what I want to move to

@ericbuijs I'm tied in with Google via android and chrome for convenience. Photos and drive work nicely for me, and gmail has been very useful

@DonMcCollough I hope to get rid of Photos and Drive with syncthing on FreedomBox.

@ericbuijs I've not heard of that before. I'll take a gander into it 👍

@DonMcCollough @ericbuijs @Averly @djsundog

I'd also like to fully de-Google at some point.

Inadvertently, I think I'm almost completely Google-free except for Gmail, Google Maps, and Android..

Maps for me is the tough one. Gmail and Android seem to have viable alternatives, but every maps alternative that I've tried just feels inadequate by comparison, so far.

@adlawren @djsundog @ericbuijs @DonMcCollough

I'm currently forwarding all my Gmail (mostly spam, some old newsletters) to my newer mail account. Eventually I'll just kill it.

I don't use Android much anymore, and decided to try Apple Maps exclusively as a months-long trial. I was actually surprised as I had zero issues and was able to find everything I needed. So Google Maps is already gone for me.

The only thing I'm still working out is Google Photos. The amount of storage + auto-backup has been incredibly useful.
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