@Are0h But. There. Are no alternatives? Snapchat is a totally different type of app, with higher cost of creating a good ad.

Facebook is the only alternative if you want to place a simple image ad. There are no other cheap shelf service platforms for targeted ads?

Facebook=whatsapp=Insta=messenger = owned by Facebook. Pretty good for keeping in touch with your friends. Why switch? What's better?

I wish there was alternatives out there. Preferably better alternatives.

@ericbuijs @Are0h That is really interesting article, thanks. Quitting Facebook is not enough in my opinion. We need something better.

The problem is big. The GDPR cookie list shows like 300 tracking companies on the site you linked to and inside the article are ads.

You literally sent me to a company with the same business model. How can you be okay with one company but not the other? It's also an article that is tracked by Facebook.

@alexbeck @Are0h Sorry man, the web is such a minefield nowadays. But you're right these companies do the same. Data mining is everywhere and it shouldn't be. People all need noscript as a standard add on or even better use GNU Icecat. Nevertheless moving away from Facebook and Google is a first good step. Let's give Mark Zuckerberg what he deserve, bankruptcy.

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