I refuse to use Netflix or one of these other mass data mining video streaming services. I installed and the libdvdcss library and started ripping my DVD's and copy them to my OpenELEC box. All this on DVD's is making this very annoying but it works so far.

More on DRM here:

@ericbuijs Also, consider looking into TV4Ever ( - a Chrome/Chromium extension which will record a lot of streaming flow TV channels. I have used it to record Doctor Who when they were playing on Danish TV.

@mjjzf I don't mean to be a dick but TV4Ever not free (as in freedom) software and the website links to the Chrome webstore for download. But thanks for the tip.

@ericbuijs @mjjzf and whatever those extensions do, youtube-dl can probably do it too.

@Matter @mjjzf That looks much better. Also an impressive list of supported sites.

@ericbuijs @Matter Also, youtube-dl is a VERY active project. They are extremely quick with updates when the services change API.

@Matter @ericbuijs Not quite - for one, it is a visual interface, and it will suggest associated subtitle files for download as well. Youtube-dl will handle the download, but not the additional features.
I am a great fan of youtube-dl.

@ericbuijs Oh. just wait until you start ripping blurays, particularly TV shows. On a DVD, the episodes are almost always in playlist order. On a bluray, they're in any order, can be duplicate entries in the index. Also full of ghost entries designed to fool autoripping software.

@sungo Luckily I invested very little in blueray discs. I'm glad it's a dead end although streaming services that took it's place aren't any better or probably even worse.

@ericbuijs Blurays are far from a dead end. Just like you can still buy DVDs all these years after the industry moved on, blurays will continue shipping for a long long time.

@sungo Oh I just noticed the new ones even outsell the DVD's in 2018. All these poor buyers.

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