A couple of years ago I made two amplifiers for my sons. Simple projects but I still love the wooden enclosures that I made. Now my youngest son wants me to add bluetooth and a battery which is a nice challenge to improve the simple designs. So last night I opened his enclosure to take a look at the components. The amplifier is a Sure Electronics AA-AB32131 while the speakers are Visatons FRS-8. Any suggestions for a replacement amplifier with integrated bluetooth?

@DistroJunkie It's an amplifier for his room but that he also can carry around and most importantly he want to control it with his smartphone.

@DistroJunkie It's a boombox that amplifies a music stream from a smartphone.

@ericbuijs Sounds like a raspberrypi would fit the bill. They are so ubiquitous, versatile and inexpensive.

@DistroJunkie Raspberry Pi with a HiFiBerry AMP+ is a good suggestion but more expensive than the Dayton audio solution from @kelbot. I'll keep it in mind for the second Boombox (of my oldest son) that I want to upgrade.Thanks.

@kelbot Awesome, complete solution at a very low price. Assuming that bluetooth 2.1 is good enough? Let me see if I can get this in Europe for a comparable price. Thanks very much.

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