Saw this link on Diaspora a web page with list of -friendly alternatives to that don't track you.


All proprietary programs or services that may or may not track you. There should only be free software on that website. You can't tell whether a proprietary service tracks you because you can't see the source code.

@peanutbutter144 @ericbuijs

Crowd-sourcing taints the pool significantly here. You end up with things like DISCORD appearing, and Dropbox listed above Nextcloud.

How is "privacy-friendly", and "tracking" being defined here?

If you just want to say, "Here are some alternatives to Google's service." that's fine, but "privacy centric without tracking" is pushing it in my opinion.

Some are legit, though.

@tretch @peanutbutter144 You're both right. I was too quick this morning in my current de-Google state of mind. Would be nice to have free software version only of this along the lines of

P.S: small detail but Wordpress is free software. I think both the blog host and the software.

@tretch @peanutbutter144 I 'm aware of the fsf free software directory but I'm looking for a specific de-Google web page/tool.


Did anyone else read that link as "Nom or google"? I think I'll nom, please. Maybe on some cake. Nom nom nom.

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