Article series about Hexo Pagination (Hexo+EJS+Bulma) for SSG lovers. Suitable for any web developer who has basic javascript knowledge. From simple, adjacent, responsive, screen reader, and handling url in custom pages.


Finished 25 of 30 articles. Five more articles to go. Still a long writing journey to go.


Article series about Hexo (Hexo+EJS+Bulma) for SSG lovers. Suitable for any web developer who has basic javascript knowledge.


48%: Finished twelve of originally planned twenty five article.

Still a long writing journey to go.


Second Case: Rizqi Nur Assyaufi (local blogger)


🕷source: private repository

🕷strength: Vlog: Solid knowledge of ricing (desktop customization)

🕷built with: Jekyll + Custom CSS + Github + Netlify

Bandithijo Idolaque.

JAM stack Indonesia

Pre-event Meet-up in Video Animation.

Pre-event Meet-up JAM stack Indonesia

Tanggal: Kamis, 18 April 2019
Waktu: 3pm
Tempat: Indicologie cafe, Yogyakarta, 0852-2589-2018
Acara: Hangout

@epsi I use Hugo for my own site but WordPress is still popular among my clients.

First Case: Sira


🕷source: private repository

🕷strength: artwork

🕷built with: Hexo + Bulma + Github + Netlify

Sira Idolaque.

Before I even know about this event, we all aready gathered made local JAM stack group in about 31 December 2018.

This group was designed to be a small group to avoid beginners. You must already have at least a static site in order to join this group.

Static site generator is one base of JAM stack

I'm going to give show case of example of some static site generator.

Most are blog created by young people.

We are also going to make JAM stack Event in Yogyakarta this 2019. While waiting for arrangement you can watch this:

Funtoo + openbox.

After a decade I finally afford to buy myself a second handed notebook. So Install GhostBSD, beside Funtoo and Void.

I used to use old PC for openSUSE, Fedora, Debian and Gentoo.

Since portage my life feels like emerge forever.

I just accidentaly wiped the whole partitions while installing latest TrueOS. Including Windows, Void, Funtoo, Proxmox and NixOS 😜✊.

**__kill the boy and let the man born__**

After a decade with linux, It is a good time to give BSD family a try 😅. Better late than never.

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