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I just placed an order on 50 circuit boards with the Aves 65. This version also features USB-C. This is exiting!

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Owncast the self-hosted streaming software has just been released, and it already has a Directory of Owncast servers that are online, and even which ones are currently streaming!

Boost this so more people discover it, or better yet try it for yourself.

#owncast #streaming #twitch #alternative #foss

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Ubuntu Touch OTA-15 is here with improvements to our newest and most powerful devices, redesigned tab navigation in Morph Browser, and so much more. Coming to your Ubuntu Touch device on the "Stable" channel this week!
#UBports #UbuntuTouch #OTA15 #ubuntu

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Imagine you live on an island and you're the only person that has cars to sell in the whole island, you have 1000 low end cars to sell and price them as the latest BMW.

Do you think that's helping the market?
Do you think that's helping adoption?
Do you think that mechanics like you?
Do you think that's good for business?
Do you think that's not slowing down sales?

Is that a good thing for society?

Now imagine this same situation but instead of cars is Linux phones.

I found out about one week ago or so and I have to say ArchLabs with i3 is my jam.

I was a proud user of #! (CrunchBang) distro until the project ended back in 2015. The fact that it was so clean and simple was very appealing to me, used Openbox wm and i like it very much.

Then the project ended and changed hands, now is named Bunsenlabs, still in development and it's nice if you want a distro based on Debian.

But imo betten than all that is Archlabs, based on Bunsenlabs, Arch based, it's easy to install and has i3 as an option for WM.

- Pentium4 2GB Ram
- Alpine Linux
- Docker, Lazydocker, Minetest
- Release in 2003

Received this email after I submit order of VPS.

I need to send picture of me with my ID in one hand and order ID on a paper on the other hand, also send proof of residence like electricity bill in my name, all this papers in english / german. Which they are not to begin with.

All this to keep my personal data safe, right.

I just cancel the order and request for my details to be deleted.

All this spying to keep my data safe? 😂

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Ending 2020 and still don't have an open source and private app to backup and restore SMS/MMS, Contacts and Call Logs?

You know, the basics.

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Using (long range) frequencies to leverage the reach of .
(a e2e encrypted messenger that routes everything through Tor when there is internet connection, if there is none, it can create a meshnet)

Currently only a gitlab issue.

But a prototype that uses instead of briar reports to have a reach for about 1-2km (single device to single device) and can be used for around 8 days without recharging.

More about that here:

I feel like all this linux phones are so badly priced for the hardware they offer. Are they selling dreams too?

For the higher priced ones I expect the hardware to be in line with this, check it out:

For the lower priced ones I expect it to cost from 60-80$ for the 3Gb Ram version.

Aren't they taking advantage of a group of people that really want a linux phone?

What am I missing here?!

I might have found a better option:
Tut - a Mastodon TUI -

With Tut is trivial to open media, in my case opens a popup with sxiv, does auto refresh, easy to see notifications, and has a configuration file... 😆

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toot - mastodon cli client, is able to display images?

So terminal is not able to preview images in because is not compatible with or

Then I can't remove terminal because is a dependency of the desktop environment 👀

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