Yeah let's stop professionals from talking, that's too scientific method for us, we are more about believing, like a religion, a cult, we don't like science wen it doesn't work for us, let's censor anyone that talks about facts before the TV does, everyone knows that's where the absolute truth comes from.

@sotolf you have to ask those people that think like that.

@sotolf that was what I understood, no straw man intended. can we avoid the name calling pls?

@sotolf yeah people will just put the environment before profits without being forced to. that's been tried, just look around, talking about fuck the earth.. :facepalm:

@sotolf I don't really see the point of this, I mean, is not up to bitcoin to be green. Is up to governments to implement rules on industries that create pollution or not. This situation should be improved but possible will be a reason to eradicate the benefits of the technology other than to have another motive to improve the state of things, mainly how energy is produced. And articles like this say clearly that the pressure should be on technology other than in govs to create positive change.

@Ch003 For me protonmail is too expensive, its great for some uses but if you require a bit more the price jumps ridiculously.

@wuwei Yeah but what have not been frowned upon by someone is my question.

@bkhan While I can see that the "big 3" are wasteful I also understand that money based on gold also comes with environment cost and money based on nothing but numbers on a screen and printed papers are as ponzi scheme as its possible to be. But any of this is going away so I would rather support cleaner forms of energy production for it and keep the benefits than say its all bad and must be stopped, because that's silly, is only serving what govs/bakers want and its listening to propaganda.

@sotolf Also, talking about "most people", when you say crypto, tokens are included.

@sotolf You're doing the "most people", " big 3" argument. But you know that means nothing. Call them by their names.

@sotolf You clearly don't understand what you're talking about, but that's ok.

@sotolf I don't want to argue, I'm just pointing out that not everything is bitcoin or the "big 3". Your generalization is what's silly about this. BTW, I don't own any of the "big 3" and I agree with you about it but I don't put everything is the same bag.

@sotolf Windows is big too, we know is trash but people keep using it, that doesn't make everything else trash like it xD.

Using words as cryptocurrency to describe a bitcoin issue is the same as saying the word computer to describe a windows issue.

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@sotolf Isn't that mostly bitcoin issues?

So now the trend is to crap on crypto?
People complaining crypto has xyz issues, completely oblivious those issues are the same on any currency and most markets.

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