So now the trend is to crap on crypto?
People complaining crypto has xyz issues, completely oblivious those issues are the same on any currency and most markets.


Using words as cryptocurrency to describe a bitcoin issue is the same as saying the word computer to describe a windows issue.

@epical So tell me which big crypto currency that doesn't have the problem, for most people crypto is synonymous with the "big 3" bitcoin, monero and etherium, all three suffer from the same problems that you're trying to "debunk" with this silly excuse of "not every crypto coin"

@sotolf I don't want to argue, I'm just pointing out that not everything is bitcoin or the "big 3". Your generalization is what's silly about this. BTW, I don't own any of the "big 3" and I agree with you about it but I don't put everything is the same bag.

@epical So tell me any coin that is even close to them in size and doesn't have the same issues.

@epical so you're still doing "not every crypto token" when what most people hear when you're defending crypto currencies are bitcoin, monero and etherium. Then rather defend the tokens you mean don't suffer from those issues, and we can talk about the same thing...

@sotolf You're doing the "most people", " big 3" argument. But you know that means nothing. Call them by their names.

@epical Again you keep on denying giving an example of what you are talking about while still accusing me of being deceptive, I've said multiple times what I'm talking about, I'm not the one being deceptive here.

@sotolf Also, talking about "most people", when you say crypto, tokens are included.

@epical Again, you don't want to name any you mean are different so what am I supposed to do?

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