I believe that one could selfhost an email server from a raspberry pi, from home using Cloudflare tunnel, using a custom domain. Would this be a bad idea? Why?

@epical Could, and lots of people do. The only due diligence you'll have be wary of is configuring SPF/DKIM/DNSSEC and also run your IP (and ASN; oft overlooked) through services like Spamhaus or other blacklist checkers to make sure the IP range is clean.

Even so, expect mails to hit the Spam folder of your recipient now and then.

Thankfully, with tools like 'imapsync' you can migrate your inbox between hosted or self-hosted servers very effortlessly if need be.

@oedmarap This setup in particular must be kind of new, I can't find one article or video about it.
Well, the CF announcement was 5 days ago (
This might change the selfhost from home field a bit.
IP range should be provided by CF, not sure if this is good or bad.
Thanks for the tips.

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