Can't decide on an email provider 馃

@person not sure I want to do that. too much issues with other providers sending all email to spam.

@rsheftel @epical
I'll +1 Fastmail, they are my provider and I love it.

@epical If Migadu doesn't suit you, try MXRoute. Good independent folk and good citizens of the internet.

@ray first time I seen mxroute, thanks for the suggestion. it's a bit outside of what I would like to pay for this service.

Sorry can you say why you didn't like protonmail, I know why I didn't like it.

Also did you look at librem one mail, from @Purism .
That is the kind of mail that id use ONLY for private businesses matters and sensitive stuff to a certain level.
I would rather, from an old nonprofit organization with a good will history then to use others that have JUST entered the marker like protonmail and tutanota. Also I don't know about fastmail, think the free version is useless.

@Ch003 For me protonmail is too expensive, its great for some uses but if you require a bit more the price jumps ridiculously.

Ah I see, so its not because protonmail avoids talking about how mail services can be insecure, but rather always advocates to privacy and security when in reality the meta data can be revealed actually.

Its not because how they market things, not because when I made a comment on their thread talking about that, they just deleted it and did not respond.

Also I used to pay for proton mail..

@epical @Purism
I like mail services don't get me wrong, but protonmail does things like that it just turns me off, especially to hard market their product. And it is part of being transperant to talk about ones own product what its protects from and what it does not protect from.

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