in an effort to make my arch install more light and possibly secure due to the recent cve I try to find alternatives to , i learn about and I like it.

but then I don't need sudo, to remove sudo I can't use yay since it needs sudo, so yay is out too.

for yay replacement I try , it's nice but needs and since I'm using paru I expected to remove ANY other package manager like yay and pacman but can't

so I'm at point zero where I have to keep sudo, yay and pacman damit lol

@epical sudo is already patched, such issues are rare. You don't know what exploitable bugs are available in the others.

@eltokhy yeah the update arrived in a day or so, was fast.

others probably have issues too, but smaller software have smaller chance to have issues.

sudo has 400k lines of code and doas has 3.9k doing the same job for me.

sudo seems to be better option for a server, not for a desktop.

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