Lastpass or Bitwarden the concept is almost the same. You have to trust them and you are exposing your data to extra riscs by sending them your data.

But do you really need them? Probably not.

Why not Keepass + Syncthing or Myki and sync between your devices?

Phone + Desktop/Laptop + NAS

in an effort to make my arch install more light and possibly secure due to the recent cve I try to find alternatives to , i learn about and I like it.

but then I don't need sudo, to remove sudo I can't use yay since it needs sudo, so yay is out too.

for yay replacement I try , it's nice but needs and since I'm using paru I expected to remove ANY other package manager like yay and pacman but can't

so I'm at point zero where I have to keep sudo, yay and pacman damit lol

too bad yay has sudo as dependency

so paru it is

Something's missing from , something like a global feed of blog posts from users inside the app.

Something like what happens here at or . Imagine you had to find Mastodon users on other platforms and add their contacts manually to follow their posts.

Than the fact that you can't make calls over Briar makes it even least of an option for users of ex. .

Yeah I know there's many challenges to make that happen, I'm just saying what would make Briar take off IMHO.

"DecSync CC is an Android application which synchronizes contacts, calendars and tasks using DecSync without requiring a server. To start synchronizing, all you have to do is synchronize your selected DecSync directory, using for example Syncthing."

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F-Droid Server (_fdroidserver_) v2.0 will be released in two weeks! We would like to include as many languages as possible. These are the tools used for building apps and working with app repositories.

Can someone confirm that it's possible to export your data from @signal app?

I mean in a way that you can use it in other apps, like as text and not encrypted, not exclusive to restore in signal app.

I'm not sure and i'm not currently using signal to confirm this but I remember that I had a lot of trouble doing this and had to resort to an outdated signal app fork to do it because the option was intentionally removed from signal and in the end I couldn't do it.

When US/EU change/implement new law's that make this centralized companies ( @signal @telegram @whatsapp ... ) provide ways for gov/authorities to access all stored user data, people will understand why decentralized is much better --> @xmpp

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I just placed an order on 50 circuit boards with the Aves 65. This version also features USB-C. This is exiting!

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Owncast the self-hosted streaming software has just been released, and it already has a Directory of Owncast servers that are online, and even which ones are currently streaming!

Boost this so more people discover it, or better yet try it for yourself.

#owncast #streaming #twitch #alternative #foss

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Ubuntu Touch OTA-15 is here with improvements to our newest and most powerful devices, redesigned tab navigation in Morph Browser, and so much more. Coming to your Ubuntu Touch device on the "Stable" channel this week!
#UBports #UbuntuTouch #OTA15 #ubuntu

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Imagine you live on an island and you're the only person that has cars to sell in the whole island, you have 1000 low end cars to sell and price them as the latest BMW.

Do you think that's helping the market?
Do you think that's helping adoption?
Do you think that mechanics like you?
Do you think that's good for business?
Do you think that's not slowing down sales?

Is that a good thing for society?

Now imagine this same situation but instead of cars is Linux phones.

I found out about one week ago or so and I have to say ArchLabs with i3 is my jam.

I was a proud user of #! (CrunchBang) distro until the project ended back in 2015. The fact that it was so clean and simple was very appealing to me, used Openbox wm and i like it very much.

Then the project ended and changed hands, now is named Bunsenlabs, still in development and it's nice if you want a distro based on Debian.

But imo betten than all that is Archlabs, based on Bunsenlabs, Arch based, it's easy to install and has i3 as an option for WM.

- Pentium4 2GB Ram
- Alpine Linux
- Docker, Lazydocker, Minetest
- Release in 2003

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