yo I get that steam is drm but have you seen the work they put in on steam play, especially proton, which is now open source?

@engal I don't think Steam applies DRM because they love it so much, but rather because they wouldn't get many publishers to put their games on it without DRM.
That said, it would be nice if there was an option to put games on Steam without DRM, given that many indie devs area fine without DRM.

It would be nice, but given how unobtrusive it is to the normal user, I don't really see the point. However, drm bad, so I would support it anyway.

@engal Somehow, people have to eat. Currently, proprietary software is the best way for FOSS developers to do so :(

@UberGeek DRM doesn't help with revenue though, and if piracy is more convenient than paying for it (which is often the case especially for Denuvo games, which wreck performance but not when pirated) it can actually hurt it

@Matter It does if that's what your employer demands they ship with.

Free Software by itself can't solve the problem of capitalism. It just helps you get free from the choke of one of its tentacles.

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