I got a raspberry pi 3b+! Any projects I should look into?

Pihole is pretty good. Nextcloudpi too, however the latter wasn't all that stable for me.

you think I can just install nextcloud on something like Debian and not use nextcloudpi?

I don't see why not. I think the issue I had was that I was running the OS from the SD. They're just not designed for that kinda thing. I think is the OS we're to move to a USB hdd/SSD it would much improve. I just dont have the time to play around with it though.

I very much need "set it and forget it" type tools.

@kev @engal I run my NCP off the SD card but moved all data (including database) to an external USB drive. I have no issues at all.

It's very lightly used though, it's just me and my wife occasionally syncing some documents and files.

@engal cool! :) What interests you? E.g. learning Linux, coding, anything that you want to try to solve yourself, self hosting e.g. next cloud?

@engal then how about trying to install nextcloud, should run on a pi! :)

From what I hear, nextcloudpi has some... Stability issues

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