so uhh my laptop just got wiped so it's time to play my favorite game
its pick an os time
any recommendations? (obviously not windows)

@engal Are you looking for anything specific, like stable vs rolling release, Debian- or RHEL-based, something adventurous like Gentoo or Slackware?

My day-to-day workhorse has been Arch or a flavor like Manjaro. It's a bit tough to get going if you haven't done it before, but you really do learn a lot if you do the standard Arch install, and you get the build your system how you want it.

Elementary OS or Ubuntu Budgie would be solid choices if you don't want to go crazy with Arch or Gentoo 🙂

@brotherballan nothing real specific, but I was thinking about arch. Honestly app support is a big for me, but i love the customizability of arch, so right now I'm sort of trying to balance everything out

@engal @brotherballan between the arch official repos and the AUR you have nearly everything in the world available, and you have access to things like flatpak etc. too.

I haven't yet experienced not finding what I need.

@engal @kungtotte I like Flatpak on more stable OSes like Debian or Ubuntu, since it's much easier to add the repo and install Slack, Discord, etc from there instead of a myriad of different PPAs/repos.

I haven't used it with Arch because I have the AUR available and it's easy to use with "yay", and I'd have to maintain a second set of software instead of just using one command to update everything. Of course that means you need to trust the maintainers for software on the AUR 😉

@brotherballan @engal while it takes some effort, tools like yay will automatically let you review install scripts during installation/updates to make sure they don't do anything fishy. If you do that, you should be able to trust AUR packages *more* than official packages :)

@kungtotte @brotherballan I guess I'm trying arch. Now I gotta choose de/wm. So many choices.

@engal @brotherballan If you have any sort of experience with installing Linux I recommend using the Manjaro Architect. It's a text-mode installer that will let you pick any (or several) DE/WMs during install, instead of having to pick one pre-made ISO to download.

There's some good tutorials around too:

I never knew about that, but that sounds nifty, I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I install Manjaro on a machine


@engal I'm more worried about why your laptop "got wiped"? o.O

@engal ArchLabs is really nice if you are scared of messing up an Arch :archlinux: install (which I seem to be really good at) and beyond the initial setup is essentially .

@alcinnz elementary os really isn't for me. IDK why, just don't like the design of pantheon, and after pantheon, it's practically Ubuntu.

@engal not a recommendation per se, but if you're interested in browsing all the options, distrowatch has a great search tool which you can use to narrow-down your search based on different attributes thay you may be looking for:

@amolith idk i may be braindead and it may not be how i3 works but i try to start it and all i get is black
(if i'm missing something about how i3 works sorry)

@engal I barely remember the default config lol. Try Super+Enter or Super+T. It should open a terminal and you can view the config and set it up from there.


@amolith super+enter does it. remind me to not ask questions about Linux and complex setups while I'm really tired

@engal Will do 😉 Feel free to ping me if you need anything! You can also check out my dotfiles if you're interested.

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