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Hello fellow tooters!! 🤗
I'm Eneri Alufan and I am a student, content creator as well as a blogger. I have a channel on LBRY as well as YouTube and a blog. My content is about LInux and I do tricks, tips, hacks and tutorials. Check out my content below.

LBRY channel
YouTube Channel
I would appreciate any support in terms of subscription.


New video is up people!!
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Thanks in advance

Hey guys, new video is out!!!

Please subscribe and be part of THE 100. Only 27 more to go.

Also let me know if there's a specific video you'd love to see. Thanks in advance.

If you're a musician, artist, podcaster, marketer, creative or just a person who likes experimenting, you can try out this application called Astrofox which is a motion graphics tool that creates audio reactive visuals synced to music.
It is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.
More information and downloads can be found on this article
Here's an example of what I made.
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Astrofox is a motion graphics tool for creating audio-reactive visuals synced to music. You can combine images and text with audio elements like sound waves and spectrum bars that react to music.
Available for windows, Linux and macOS

So YouTube is removing community contributions, which means community-contributed captions and subtitles are not going to be available anymore.

If you have any viewership in another country, and you wish to make your content more accessible to them but you do not speak their language, or to make your content accessible for viewers who are hard of hearing or deaf, YouTube says “tough luck.”

You’ll have to find either dedicated volunteers, or hire a translator, to translate your transcript into other languages.

Which disincentivizes accessibility measures for many creators. Which is bad.

Anyone know where I can get the code to embed mastodon button on my website?

Famous Movies You Didn’t Know Were Filmed in Africa

Out of Africa- Kenya
Lord of War- S. Africa
The Constant Gardener- Kenya
Cry Freetown- Sierra Leone
African Queen- Uganda
Blood Diamond- Mozambique/ South Africa)
Mad Max: Fury Road- Namibia
Game of thrones -Morocco.

I realized many people don't know what LBRY is so I decided to write an article about LBRY, the decentralized alterenative to YouTube. You can check it out on my website here

Something a little different. You can also share your views in the comments section.🤗

@enerialufan On a positive note I looked at your channel and it looks quite good :)

Does anyone else experience this problem??
When I try to login to mastodon from my computer it tells me I have inut the wrong email or password. But when I go back to my email and use the confirmation link it sent, my credentials work. What could be the problem?

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