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Did you know that farmers have to deal with software licensing just to use their tractors? Imagine not being able to grow food because you didn’t renew your tractor license. Cars are not far behind. We had a TED talk speaker on DL trying to fix that problem. Check it out! youtu.be/0IBKBra0ViE

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What do you prefer? Please elaborate why, if you can spare some time to explain more.

Boosts appreciated :)
#GNULinux #linux #foss #FreeSoftware /\

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The only Google account I still sign in to is Google Play for Android apps, but the alternatives to that are growing so it's time to try them out.

Don't let Google wall you in. There are alternatives and they are designed to free you, not imprison and exploit you.

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Apple = Big Sur (veillance)

Your computer isn't yours - how Apple is phoning home every time you use an app in Big Sur

Via sneak@sneak.berlin in the Fediverse

#Apple #BigSur #surveillance #privacy

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Mozilla has gone bad.

"Mozilla works with advertising partners to place sponsored tiles on the Firefox home page (or New Tab) that would be useful to Firefox users. Mozilla is paid when users click on sponsored tiles." #Mozilla #Firefox #privacy #browser


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Two decades ago, people would think I was cracy if I said that by 2020 people would love to give their private data to numerous ads (and surveillance) companies.

The data are:
1. Contacts,
2. Phone logs,
3. SMS,
4. All of the data saved on cloud storage (think Google Drive),
5. Browsing history,
6. Email (think Gmail),
7. Camera on their phones,
8. Health data (think Google Fit),
9. Schedule (think Google Calendar),
10. Family photographs,
11. Real time locations,
12. And numerous others.

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I am here because I love Gnu/Linux and its philosophy. I am using it since I have installed it on my first computer in 1998. I used to buy computer magazines and they used to have program CDs or Floppies. One day I saw a program called Slackware Linux and it changed my life.

I have tried a lot of distros but only one of them always works perfectly. Thank you CentOS.


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