Don't agree with you on this. Let's get Mastodon as example. Yes, it's used by far right movements and other "bad people". But it wasn't build for that intent. That's not it's goal and the developer add moderation tools so that users and admins can limit the use and reach on the platform of such people. Guns on the other way are built with the only intent to cause harm and kill. If you aren't a law enforcer or military you shouldn't need a gun to defend yourself.

@emanuel @distrotube Have you considered that law enforcement and military might sometimes be the people you must defend against?

Nope. Seems I'm lucky to live in a country where law enforcement and military are well trained and have strick rules on using force and gun power (for example, they've to report and justify each time they fire a weapon). We have no reason to see them as a thread.

@emanuel @distrotube you’re lucky to have this privilege. As a US citizen, I get to have a cold sweat as federal unmarked vans kidnap innocent people off the streets.

Honestly, I feel for you, but I don't think the answer is the liberalization of guns. On the contrary, you must pursuit laws that strick its possession and use, even by law enforcements and military. More arms will only bring more innocent deads.

Maybe I'm being tricked by the news that reach me in Europe, but I fear that the US are on the verge of a civil war. Much because there are too many weapons on the hands of people.

@emanuel @distrotube I agree that the US is on the cusp of a conflict, but I believe it to be due to a general dissatisfaction with government and law enforcement going back to the 60s. People have realized that the government and the law enforcement are corrupt and only serve to protect the property of the wealthy lobbyist class, people be damned.

More important to the matter of this video. I found the comparison between support of free software and guns rights absurd.

@emanuel @distrotube I agree that the comparison between gun rights and free software is absurd. This is just Derek platforming his politics on his most successful outlet. I think the most apt comparison to make would be “if you support free software as a means of software production, you should support syndicate worker cooperatives as a means of commodity production”, since those share the same ethos.

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