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I'm a pediatric nurse, dog owner and coffee lover!

Over the years I taught myself a few things on and, more recently, .

I'm a motorsport fan (, , ...) and I do some on .

Ocasionally I take some time for and .

Patudo was a stray dog and so I don't know exactly when he was born. According to the vet he was 4 months old at the time and she decided that this day (Oct 9th) will be his birthday (as it's my birthday too). He's 3 years old today. He had a full day. Got a new toy, Ali the Alligator, had a long walk in the woods on the afternoon and my parents came dinner with us and brought my other dog, Kikas. He's now exhausted, resting beside me and Ali. It's silly but this makes me happy.

Cool but I do hate this. It's like you're a vtuber but wearing yourself as a costume

Today, on our running, I caught Patudo distracted and beat him to the finish line ๐Ÿ’ช He didn't even got mad ๐Ÿ˜

I believe the moderator, as the unbiased person on the debate, should be the first to bring the facts to the table when seeing the truth being twisted.

This led me to the thought that the weakest point of this debate and probably of the fight against populism is the crescent lack of a competent and unbiased moderator/press.


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When you're a populist and you don't have to consider such things as the reality, the facts and the true, it's immeasurable easier to build a strong narrative. You just have to pass your true as THE true. Trump is a compulsive liar and without surprised lied on every subject debated. That brought me the question: Should the opponent the only responsible for deconstruct those lies or is this too in the spectrum of the moderator's job?


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Trump's spent the entire time interrupting Biden. This was deliberate to make it difficult for his opponent to articulate his speech/ideas. Later he'll make his campaign stream the message that Biden is dumb, old and weak, incapable of even finish a sentence. The moderator refused to or was incapable of controlling Trump.


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I'm following the US presidential campaign with the perspective of understanding the ascension of populism on modern politics. As it's something that's recently arising in Europe too.

So yes, besides not being an American citizen, I saw the last nights debate.

Two notes I retained:


This was not a hack. This was not a breach. This was Facebook's systems working exactly as they were designed to work.

Did a little hike this morning and brought the GoPro to get used to it and its settings. Here's a little teaser featuring Patudo ๐Ÿ•

I received the GoPro today, but didn't get much time to play with it. Only day off of the week, so groceries, laundry, cleaning... all fun!

Just got time to setup it on the kitchen window and record a timelapse during the sunset.

Beside been able to buy more expensive toys, being an adult sucks!

Hope you had a good day ๐Ÿ˜„

๐ŸŽ‰ duf v0.2.0 is out ๐ŸŽ‰

- Sorting with -sort
- Detect terminal width & word-wrap
- JSON output format

- Hide loopback devices per default
- Ignore permission errors

- The colorful, user-friendly output

Get it while it's hot:

A brief, but long owed post, about the migration of my Nextcloud from Vultr to Hetzner.

Enter the address of your favourite website to check which user-tracking technologies it uses and who it is sending your data to.

Cool new tool!

I was pretty fed up with the behavior of 'df', so I wrote my own diskfree tool.

It's called 'duf', it's written in #golang, and you can get it here:

On ArchLinux, you can simply install 'duf' from the AUR.

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