Ha! gotta love #emacs .

Did you know:
C-w (or C-k) to kill or "cut" so, C-y to to yank (paste).

But! Did you also know M-y (alt-y) to go through your killring or "clipboard" and find the latest several things you have there?

I totally forgot :)

Now, imagine doing that while running a shell from #emacs.

Not only you can go back to whatever snipped you did, but you can paste it and go back and forth also *up* and *down* in the shell window (meaning, direction, not as in press up to repeat the last command!) and add whatever you need to the killring.

Now, that's powerful.


@jrss there are times when it just seems self evident that you should never leave Emacs.

@jrss that seem to count as another moment. They are a regular occurrence for me after 40 years.

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