I managed to color an event in #orgmode agenda with a different color and different weight (it's bold) than all the other headers, scheduled or not.

This is simple enough so that I can probably utilize it with a capture template.

This is a hack for a trick I've been trying to do for years... believe it or not, NO extra elisp code was used.

Curious to know how?

#emacs #orgmode

@jrss what a tease /great marketing / I don't want to encourage this! 😜

@shom @jrss Marketing hypes pretty pictures, not 1970's editors displaying TODO lists as text 🙂

@eludom @shom haha well believe or not I was writing a draft based on my wiki article yesterday and didn't get to publish it yet so that's why I said that :hades_shadesmile:

When you see it you won't think it'd a big deal. Maybe in a way that's the point.


@jrss @shom yeah, so many things "just work" in org/Emacs. At one point I started a list of discoveries about Emacs things that made me say "oh, cool" when I discovered them. It's a regular occurrence.

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