Upgrading from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 was quite straightforward, and the new release is great. I scribbled a few thoughts on it here: mikebabb.com/blog/ubuntu-20.04 :ubuntu:


@mikebabb Following your lead. Wish me luck. If I go silent for a bit, you'll know what happened...

@mikebabb Yes. And I'm counting it pretty-much a failure. Between /etc/issue saying I now have 18.10 (a downgrade) and something something completely blown up around name resolution (all finger point at systemd-resolved not actually listening on port 53, blog post on debugging process coming ), I've decided to just back up and install 20.04 clean.

May actually bite the bullet and do all my local configs via , or some such so I don't have to re-do them

@eludom Yikes, yeah that all sounds a bit of a mess and a clean install is probably the fastest way out of it!

I always kept /home/ on its own partition to maintain configs and get up and running again quickly after a clean install. That way it's just a case of installing over /, pointing the installer to the home partition, and logging in with the same username and password before installing all your applications.

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