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Karl Voit :emacs: :orgmode: @publicvoit

Don't Contribute Anything Relevant in Web Forums Like Reddit
... just a few days old and it already is the number one blog article of mine according to access and feedback. 😎

[X Windows at MIT, 1984] "Anyone who wants the code can come by with a tape."

I went there, tape in hand around 1989 to pick up the latest of all of Athena (kerberos, Hesiod, X ...). The alternative at the time was waiting for it to come by posted to Usenet news (comp.sources.*), pull the individual parts of the uuencoded tar files out of the local news spool directory before they expired and hope no parts were missing.

Life is better now.

@jrss it may be time for me to re-heist your blog theme. Suggestions?

While I'm at it, what Linux distros do not use or similar containerization that bloat even the smallest of programs?

I've been on for almost ever, but it's starting to feel heavyweight.


Is there a browser (aside from eww) that's not piggy on Linux?

(chrome derived) seems too be firing up 5 to 10 processes each of which have VM allocation of 16 or 24 GB (looks like they are being piggy and relying on swap/VM)

seems to be firing up things that show up in top as "Isolated Web Co" ????ntainer???? at 2Gb each which occasionally cause my system to freeze for a few minutes at a time ... swapping?

Is there a non piggy browser for Linux?

@onan There's a lot of English common law that is widely ignored. For example, on the fourth Sunday after a Venus/Saturn conjunction, everyone in Bristol is required to dress up like David Bowie and purchase a wiper blade at a government approved auto parts store. Sadly, the last time this was enforced was 1784.

I'm bringing a Lenovo T60 out of retirement as a NAS. Why not ? It's good enough.

E$cape the tyranny of the late$t.

Making the move from wired mouse to bluetooth/USB trackball (Logiteh Ergo M575). Not going back.

Mozilla's unique selling point is that it's a non-profit. However, its real strength is that it answers to its community of contributors. It's not a perfect organisation, and it makes mistakes, but it can and will be held accountable, and that's what makes it better.

ProtonVPN randomly chose an exit node in Nigeria. Why do I feel a sudden urge to send spam :-)

Motivation to keep creating.

Do it for you. Don't worry about being perfect. Build a habit. Have fun with it.

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion"

Always inspiring to follow Matt Mullenweg and his work on building a more open web

Neighbors at 2 at night: let’s put on some music! :blobcatcode:

Me: let’s put on some aircrack! :flan_hacker:

Neighbors: no WiFi anymore huh 🤔

Emacs beginnings:
"How do I make Emacs look like X, function like Y, and do Z?"

Emacs zen:
"How do I make X, Y and Z work from inside Emacs?"



@praxeology @humanetech @phryk @aral I disagree.

I find the word "user" to be problematic not because of the "drugs connection", but because it frames the discussion about digital human rights in a way defined by service providers. It defines people by the services they use.

Consider net neutrality. Zero-rating is great for users, but bad for people.

Users don't have rights. People do.

Blogged about it some years ago:

@jrss I totally missed your interview with the creator of the app for

Excellent. A bit late, but you should send this to Sacha for news. This is exactly the sort of thing I think @bzg was hinting we need more of. Scratch your own itch and share the solutions.

Good stuff.

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