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Don't Contribute Anything Relevant in Web Forums Like Reddit
... just a few days old and it already is the number one blog article of mine according to access and feedback. 😎

What's the oldest computer thing you use regularly?

For me a mousepad from Compserve' Wow project (the AOL killer, well....) 1996, and (1977 depending how you count) keyboard keymap for xah fly keys (current)

Over the years you pick up useful ideas from people. One of the most useful “project management” ideas I’ve ever encountered is:

Can I get the job done by doing nothing?

Use the code you already have. Use existing slide decks. Time is scarce

I am listening to Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. What a rant! What a stream-of-consciousness-grab-life-by-the-horns-drink-until-it-kills-you peaan to not missing a single moment or experience in life !

Emacs 28.1 has been released!

New features are listed here:

- The sun is always shining.
- The flowers are always blooming.
- There are no bugs.
- The trail is always flat.
- There are no rocks.
- It never rains.
- It's never too cold.
- It's never too hot.
- There's never overcrowding.
- Your gear always works.
- Your physical conditioning is always good.

(not a a framework not a coil)

So, @codeberg I've decided to let other people run networks and servers and not self-host gitea, static hugo blog on pi. Wondering if a) I can delegate domains (git.DOMAIN, blog.DOMAIN) to codeberg and b) if it's appropriate given most of what I put up are personal blogs, HOWTOs with the occasional bash, python or elisp hacks. Thanks.

Steve Wilhite died last week. Yes, he created GIF, but that was just a side project among mountains of mostly projects that were a large part of what kept CompuServe going for years in the face of AOL and the Web.

One of my coworkers recalled:

…many times when asked about a delivery date Steve would answer “it will be done when it is done.”

I laughed when I read that. It was so Steve. The poor project managers...

The fine folks at Hurricane Electric have been running networks and providing me with a shell account for 20 years. Gonna let them host the hugo blog for a while (after failing to carve out the time to resurrect the pi, and netwok setup, and the web server and....

What's your uptime?

Just boot it !

This is framed quote that’s been hanging on my family’s walls since sometime in the late 19th or early 20th century. It’s way more positive than the other things I was thinking of posting in these dark times…

Hiking yesterday in the Shenandoah Valley I discovered that I was on part of “Morgans Road”, which is a road George Washington had built into the hills to allow his army to retreat from the British in case things got really bad. That was enough at the time of the bicentennial (1976) to put up another George Washington marker.

This includes a long list of Washington sites I’ve run across, including a couple with family connections.

Russian Opera Text, maybe subersive. 

Below is some text from Rimsky-Korsakov’s last opera, where the people mockingly pledge loyalty to the Russian King (Tsar)

King Dodon, a lazy and gluttonous ruler, is greatly worried by his warlike neighbors.

It seems the Kremlin’s website is having some issues right now

Hiking above Harpers Ferry saturday. Some stuff happend there in 1859. Good vegan restaurant now...

Oh, You Gotta Get A Glory In The Work You Do

I’ve been reading a lot of poetry lately. A snatch of a poem my grandmother used to quote came to mind:

Oh, you gotta get a glory
In the work you do;
A hallelujah chorus
In the heart of you.
Paint, or tell a story,
Sing, or shovel coal,
But you gotta get a glory
Or the job lacks soul.

Berton Baley

Even Google dosn't know much about it, so here it is in my grandmothers handwriting.
She never did ANYTHING halfway.

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