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Don't Contribute Anything Relevant in Web Forums Like Reddit
... just a few days old and it already is the number one blog article of mine according to access and feedback. 😎

meetings are nature's way of preventing work from happening

For the %55 of you who responded (C), "the Sunday comics" where the large-ish section in Sunday newspapers where one got ones comics fix (Peanuts, Garfield, Doonsberry, Far Side, Zippy the Pinhead...). Since they were colorful and free (well, available) they were sometimes used instead of purchased wrapping paper for gifts.

Of course, the largest section of the Sunday paper was the advertising insert. Some things never change.

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@TranslateScience Lingua Latina lingua scinentiae per multos annos fruit, cur non nunc?

As we are preparing for the release of #emacs #orgmode 9.5, we need your help: please go through and see how you can contribute 🙏

RT appreciated, of course.

#DOFH excuse #40:

Your web browser is too new - have you tried IE6?

I have used the Sunday comics as wrapping paper.

#DOFH excuse #21:

Cassandra error warnings turned out to be true.

I've always disliked the term "security researcher" to mean someone who figures out how to break into computers. I've examined why I dislike it and it comes down to several things

- I associate "research" with discovering things about the natural world.
- I implicitly associate the intent of this discovery to be the application of the knowledge gained to make the world a better place for people (usually mediated by engineering)
- breaking things is not making the world a better place

There are actually laws protecting the privacy of things sent in the US Postal Service. They have their quasi-law enforcement agency (the Postal Inspectors) and a body of law and regulations including privacy-related regs/laws going back decades if not centuries.

I'm gaining new appreciation for Snail Mail.

Open source is increasingly a collection of projects, each run by a single maintainer;

My latest startup venture: an internationally published print magazine that publishes encrypted backups so that they're stored in hundreds of libraries across the world.

So, "gress". Not sure if I can call it "progress". Sim moved over from android. I can (usually) make voice calls, but not send texts ("spacebar " is the name of the texting app, who'da thunk it?). It claims to have sent texts (in between claiming that there is no carrier on the modem).... but not received (by my wife), nor her replies, nor the texts used by my carrier (Verizon) to authenticate my logins.

I think I'm headed for a flip-phone in the short term. *sigh*

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