Suicide by Tylenol overdose dropped 43% in the UK after they changed the packaging from regular bottles to blister packs where you have to push out the pills one by one.

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I always promise myself to not take any responsibility in the next group project I participate in and still I end up doing all the work and stress myself... How does this always happen?

How can I do something similar to what does (redirecting your traffic using two different IPs, so 'merge' two network speeds)? What is the concept exactly?

Change the names of the organic molecules to names of politicians and you get a conspiracy theory flowchart

I've been using shell scripts to manage my blog, and I'm currently considering moving to
Shall I do it? I used shell scripts to make the blog as light as possible (2KB, for the whole base). I think I can add gemini support with few lines of code, shall I do it? and why?

dwm, doing some changes over the crazy shell backend for my website :V, and reading Wright Mills' "The Power Elite"


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