@array No reason. Total habit of always typing sudo at the cli and didn't even realize I was doing it.

Everyone is getting some mileage off of the Linus Tech Tips series. @ubuntu should showcase gaming on Ubuntu. ubuntu.com/blog/linux-gaming-w

@GirthyChode Not well and many people are deep in Apple's ecosystem or forced to use it for work.

@GirthyChode Have to use what works and meet people where they are, but the good news is where ever they are, they can run Linux now. Baby steps.

The lightweight VM's coming out are incredible. Here is Multipass which now runs on the M1 macs. Now I can run Ubuntu in a lightweight VM on all platforms!

If you use vscode for development and are running windows, I recommend using the Remote - WSL extension to seamlessly integrate with Linux in WSL2. code.visualstudio.com/docs/rem

@ScottMortimer I totally understand the frustration. But it doesn't have to be either-or. Run what works best for you. If that is Windows, add on WSL2 and you get access to the power of Linux along with it. Best of both worlds. docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windo

@GirthyChode I see it as a solution for those that, due to some dependency or work restriction, can't go full Linux. Not a replacement for Linux if that is an option.

@levi Was that under WSL1 or WSL2. I felt WSL1 was buggy but WSL2 is really fast. But WSL2 they do recommend that you do everything in the Linux OS and not go between them.

I have been digging into Windows Subsystem for Linux and am amazed at its potential. Developers tired of MacOS and not ready or can't go full Linux have an opportunity to use Windows along with a Linux stack that is relatively seamlessly integrated.

@aral I wouldn't ditch the Stream Deck so quick. I have watched videos where Martin Winpress uses the Stream Deck on Linux via streamdeck-ui timothycrosley.github.io/strea

I just realized that I run Linux on Windows (WSL2), Chrome OS (LXD), MacOS (Vagrant), and Straight up Linux at both home and work.

Setup scanning on Ubuntu 21.10 today. I have a Brother DSMobile 720D scanner and use Simple Scan and OCRmypdf for software. Took about 10 minutes and runs flawlessly. I will probably script the OCR to happen when a scan is saved to a folder just to automate it.

Brand new Logitech C930e took me longer to get it out of the packaging than it did to get it working on Ubuntu. Install instructions: plug it in and it works.

@aaravchen It looks like you might be able to set a maximum amount of memory that a snap can use with a quota. snapcraft.io/docs/quota-groups

Upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10. It is super fast. I happen to like snaps and I found the new Firefox snap to be indistinguishable from the deb install, even on first start.

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