Remember the Google Nexus 7? Those were the days. Perfect form factor just missing a good Android OS.

Firefox is fast and, most importantly, gets dark mode right on Ubuntu running gnome. Chrome is slow and is like turning on a spotlight in the morning pointed right at my face. Chrome has no dark mode pass through on Linux.

Migrated all of my home network services to Docker containers, added Wireguard for a VPN into the network and manage all the containers with Portainer. Now that is a good mornings worth of work.

If you are interested in containers and want to know how to configure LXD profiles, I wrote a tutorial on it.

I'm putting under the knife 🔪 from the very foundations of the distro right through to the desktop. It's time to migrate to Ayatana Indicators and Arctica! Join me on the live stream 📡

This is an excellent example of the flow of data/objects between analog and digital existence.

We have the SpaceX live stream on all TV's in the house so we don't miss anything!


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