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Oh but my union is weak.

Yeah, because it lacks workers. A union is a collective construction, not a fucking company or a team.

You gotta engage in debates, criticize, substantiate their theoretical and political criticism of the union's actions etc

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We live in a liberal capitalist society, everything is operated by the regency of this system.

If your positions is not an anti-capitalist position, you are colluding with this system that enslave, kills and destroy civilization and people.

You will only feel compelled to be out, if you're not organized.

If you are, there's more than being outside, planning, reading, track information and safety of those who are outside, etc.

Organize yourself, find the nearest collective, union, party, etc

We need a tech version of this, I'll propose some:

- 600 opened issues on some starred repository
- Mailing lists discussions
- Pile of subjects to engage and write a blog post about it
- Self-hosting something
- Book about $LANG
- GitHub, projects discovery

No one is free from ideology. We live in a world of class, which by itself imposes their ideas and fight for their power.

That's what politics is, power.

The thing is, when we you have to pick a side (which you need), will you be on the side of people or on the side of the opressor?

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I saw one of my coworkers saying he likes to be free of /ideology/, that he don't get caught up in narratives.

That's literally liberal ideology

How does one dismantle systemic racism by still preserving capitalism which keep the logic of people exploring other people?

Facebook added a badge for Chinese, South American and Russian funded media (state controlled, which isn't accurate).

But only for countries they don't like, because European and US media like BBC, DW, RFi, Voice of America has no badge whatsoever.

They decide what you see and if you should trust or not some info.

White supremacist: we want to murder you

Minorities: no

Liberal: alright let's take a vote then

Hello, I'm your friendly communist activist reminding you that in one year of constant conflict, the authorities haven't killed anybody at Hong Kong, while 17 people have been killed on US. The National Guard was almost immediatly activate and sent to 24 states.

"If the U.S. is a 'battlespace,' then the protesters are the enemy. Trump’s threat to send in the troops is accompanied by a fascist message: You are the enemy. You have no right to free speech. You must be disciplined."

Who dare to say this is a democracy, is either naive or have bad intentions

"War, Racism, Theft, Murder, Aggression, Provocation, Violence, Terror!

American Imperialism, World Police!"

(Soviet Union, 1968)

"It's time to fight back," that's what Huey said
Two shots in the dark, now Huey's dead - Tupac Shakur

Martyr Huey P Newton, co founder of the revolutionary Black Panthers in the US posing with Palestinian Resistance fighters in Lebanon.

Fuck accessibility, I want popular technology.

Technology for human beings, technology for the favela, for the oppressed.

Fuck you elitist shit, macbook, electron, JS dickheads

Remember kids, when a liberal out their tells you a solution to a problem is not "efficient" what they really mean is "not optimised for profit"

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