@jordan31 Whenever you try to be naive/unpolitical something you're helping exactly who benefits with that. Every shit is political, including CS. Free software is a political movement.

Jacobin is losing a lot of my sympathy with their almost abusive like support of Bernie

The "development does not need to be political" attitude of developers makes me want to go away from development.

@maniacbolts Oh, Matrix is fine. But unreliable sometimes. Signal is a fucking joke as is centralized and their servers are in the US.

I listen to music to pay attention to the instrumental and the backing vocals

One of the reason of the risen of fascism around the world is the simplest fact that people kept the eyes closed towards politics and people who discuss it.

It doesn't matter if you're a developer or not, everything is political/politics related.

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I *strongly* disagree with CW posts about politics.

@lanodan Damn, for some reason aerc didn't really sent my other emails, or at least I can't find them at all... WTF

You're seeing the doc for GTK3, then you click on a link to lead to the reference of that widget, and instead of doing what should do, it send you on a 404 on a reference from the GTK4 documentation.

Jesus fucking christ, can't be GTK documentation be more shitty?

To me Hotline Miami is the perfect example of a good lightweight videogame.

Is light, mechanics are dead simple, there's no overhauling with dialogs or history and has a hell of a soundtrack

Actually been pretty easy. Even tho I live on the "brazilian barbecue state"

@artyr3 @arax
Vast and rising global poverty, regular market collapses, a system entirely based on slavery and forced labor, the rebirth of fascism as a direct result of capitalism's predation, directly invading countries and destroying them to fetch resources, citizen privacy invasion and the rapidly-approaching end of the modern world are the best we can do?

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