You will only feel compelled to be out, if you're not organized.

If you are, there's more than being outside, planning, reading, track information and safety of those who are outside, etc.

Organize yourself, find the nearest collective, union, party, etc

We need a tech version of this, I'll propose some:

- 600 opened issues on some starred repository
- Mailing lists discussions
- Pile of subjects to engage and write a blog post about it
- Self-hosting something
- Book about $LANG
- GitHub, projects discovery

Brasil: where the police points a gun to a guy at a act wearing flip-flops.

Can someone show me a similar thing happening on Cuba?

Awaiting for liberals be calling Trump a authoritarian dictator and comparing him to Maduro, Chavez, Castro, etc.

The empire can do all. There will be nobody claiming US lost it's democracy.

Oh yeah, the glory of having the "freedom" to die.

Sounds awesome!

One single opened tab. And my laptop seems that he become a plane and is about to take off

The African Revolution should be studied by whoever call himself "progressive".

Thomas Sankara, Samora Machel, Frantz Fanon

Don't praise any company, CEOs, bosses. Praise the fucking working people.


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