When I began using computers, there was this thing called RSS.

That allows me to read things from your blog/site, without open it. It was good, because there plenty of implementations, and therefore I can read in multiple platforms and get away with things I don't want but could have on your website like tracking, ads, unwanted pop-ups, the ugly design of your blog and focus on what I (and you should) want on your blog/website:

your content, your message.

Please, have a RSS Feed

Platforms you can lookup:

- miniflux (for reading in the browser)
- newsboat (for reading in the terminal)

@eletrotupi I wanted to try making an RSS feed that used only client-side JS before realizing that most sites don't send appropriate CORS headers in their responses to allow it. Whoops.

@WhoNeedszZz Although I'm pretty happy with Hugo, this is a great project and I would switch if I'd have the time

@eletrotupi I'm too young to remember RSS, unfortunately, but it sounds nice.

(I tried it once and found it only showed the past 10 articles. Nope.)

@eletrotupi also, you can use Calibre to compile your daily news digest. The only thing missing is to load it to my Tolino via WiFi.

@eletrotupi There are still lots of them around. Often just slapping /rss on the url will uncover one they haven't promoted on their main page.
I keep 2 dozen news feeds in mine using tinytinyRSS.

@eletrotupi what do you think about those teaser feeds? Where only an abstract is part of the feed?

@daniels @eletrotupi
That would be my question as well.

Personally, I recently started to delete most of my feeds, which provided a teaser only.


I love this from Mastodon: fosstodon.org/@eletrotupi.rss

And for twitter I use nitter.net:


everything on my tiny tt-rss.org/

And I connect to mastodon or twitter just if I want to interact.

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