It's fucking amazing that people have to write this shit:

It's not a bad article, matter of fact, is actually pretty good, but you need to look further. We need to write this kind of things because we are so fucking obsessed with consume stuff that we keep feeling empty and need to have more stuff (not only physical stuff).

Then where this feeling comes from, you might ask?

Well, what kind of society that we live that present this line of thought?

The thing that nurture our society/line of thinking is acquire more, have more, compete more.

This get worse as the country get "developed". And is so fucking sad in countries like latin american ones, because we will never be allowed to get into that, only some small subset of people, and that trigger a sick feeling on the persons who's only trying to be more like "those people".

So, the thing I'm trying to say is... think about these things, but realize that this is not some random feeling

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