I honestly believe that the person who wrote pacman's commands was on drugs

Oh yeah, today I'm gonna write some more on my blog

Just gotta pick the today's rant

Gotta tell you, if you're angry, mad, about today politics.

Get the fuck out of internet and go fucking do something.

Read a book (Thomas Sankara, Samora Machel, Lenin, Engels), working out so you can beat fascists, bake a cake, write a blog post

When you're life is so fucking boring you just put everything on display at internet

Friendly reminder in colonial Vietnam, it was normal to a French man rape a native woman and nothing would happen.

Also friendly reminder that for most people liberalism means freedom and democracy.

(For the lords, of course)

When someone says about violence on Marxist theory. I like to remember that any radical change (radical not extremist) generate a reflex: whoever is not on the side that want changes, will try to "defend" from the change.

That's normal in life, it happens on the most simple decisions of life. You _always protect to keep things how it is_ when someone else is changing stuff.

Write a new protocol, write new standards (or at least fucking use it) write things that works for the collective, instead of your individual shit.

And question those shitty stuff, proprietary piece of craps, walled gardens etc. You are a developer, and your job is to add weight on those decisions

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It's amazing how I have become more susceptible to accept radical changes on my life after understanding more about Marxism.

This has been applying more on computer science as well.

I want to rewrite everything from scratch and fucking hate more and more programmers that are "oh, but we can't change X because it's how we have always do"

I read somewhere, but can't find. But it was something along the lines of "local first".

If you can, always do local first, *THEN* send to the cloud

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Actually, store local copies of everything you can.

RFCs, documents, manuals, protocols, specifications

Every single person on universe that has access to internet should read this: learn.to/edit_messages

Also, if you can, store a local copy to this page so we can distribute when it goes offline

I mean, just some fucking consistency and good variable naming would be so fucking cool

This code is such a crap, oh damn.

It mixes camelCase, snake case, snake case with double undescores.

Honestly someone was on crack when wrote this

@sir Imagine if buildings were built in the same way we build most software.
Try building a skyscraper when the plans change every 3 months and nothing truly gets finished.

These fuckers were saying things like "NSA spy on it's citizens", "Private Software track people around".

But these same people laugh at you if you say to them about imperialism or a burguose state/democracy.

"People, if you got an opportunity to do home office, you have the chance to prove it works. Don't screw it up."

Well, fuck you.

We are getting home office/work-from-home to PREVENT A DISEASE TO SPREAD, not because it's cool.

If you don't like going to office, that's your fault. I'm not doing this to help you prove your point that WFH works; I'm going to do WFH to not screw with other people health, so fuck you.

"A stateless password manager"

I'm not sure yet whether I think this is amazingly brilliant or just insanely silly... it could be either:


I really would like to find all these Free Software Movement nerds that are "boohoo I can't say bitch anymore or faggot" and just slap them until they forget who they are

Psst… you can’t practice ethical design at a company with an unethical business model.

Pass it on.

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