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And you know what happens when a company has shitty policies toward workers? Nobody wants to work with them.

You know what the owners do then? They'll bind with politics, because then they can turn the economy so shitty that people will be forced into scrape for any coin they can have.

You know what happens with a company when no worker want to work with them?

They die.

There's no company without workers

Literally on the heels of the last "I wish GitLab was cool": #GitLab asking their saleswomen to wear short skirts and high heels, then hiding the follow-up discussion. theregister.co.uk/2020/02/06/g

Previously: GitLab drives out their female execs.
Previously: GitLab doesn't see how politics should determine who to take on as a customer.
Previously: All the same, no hiring people from China, Russia, or Ukraine.
Previously: Plans to put in detailed user telemetry until forced to backtrack.

The apocalypse has arrived, it's just not evenly distributed yet

The Babylon By Bus! version of 'War / No More Trouble' is absolutely amazing.

The backing vocals explode on your head with _We don't need, no more trouble_

It's like those ads/work force/whatever about "let's help the environment by using less water".

Yeah, so we can let the industry and agribusiness to spent more.

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Also, I fucking hate those kind of articles about becoming a better human by letting go this shit behaviour. It gets me so mad because that should be fucking common sense, but you fuckers can't question these things right?

Get fucking out of your shitty comfort zone, try to empathize with the struggles of working class and fucking realize you are one of the working class, and probably will never be the 1%. So help us to remove this 1% shit *for real*.

The thing that nurture our society/line of thinking is acquire more, have more, compete more.

This get worse as the country get "developed". And is so fucking sad in countries like latin american ones, because we will never be allowed to get into that, only some small subset of people, and that trigger a sick feeling on the persons who's only trying to be more like "those people".

So, the thing I'm trying to say is... think about these things, but realize that this is not some random feeling

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It's fucking amazing that people have to write this shit: raptitude.com/2017/12/go-deepe

It's not a bad article, matter of fact, is actually pretty good, but you need to look further. We need to write this kind of things because we are so fucking obsessed with consume stuff that we keep feeling empty and need to have more stuff (not only physical stuff).

Then where this feeling comes from, you might ask?

Well, what kind of society that we live that present this line of thought?

Response to people who are moving to Slack or Discord over IRC

Don't praise any company, CEOs, bosses. Praise the fucking working people.

> You are in 'detached HEAD' state.

oh, so like the Queen of France
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