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We live in a liberal capitalist society, everything is operated by the regency of this system.

If your positions is not an anti-capitalist position, you are colluding with this system that enslave, kills and destroy civilization and people.

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When I began using computers, there was this thing called RSS.

That allows me to read things from your blog/site, without open it. It was good, because there plenty of implementations, and therefore I can read in multiple platforms and get away with things I don't want but could have on your website like tracking, ads, unwanted pop-ups, the ugly design of your blog and focus on what I (and you should) want on your blog/website:

your content, your message.

Please, have a RSS Feed

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If the system presumes that it has elites, the 1%, on top, richest ones, and people below, the rest, common folks, etc.

It's kind of obvious that it's not a system for everyone. So even if you die working and get a place up there, your family, your friends, your neighbor will not be able to.

Hi there, Merveilles! My name is Eden (They / She) and I'm an artist exploring complex feelings with simple shapes.

If you'd like to see more of my work, you can do so at

I'm excited to be a part of this instance! 💞


Cereal Killer is definitely my favorite character of Hackers (1995).

Partner want to try a Master Degree there. I don't want to live the Party here tho

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Planning to move into Argentina whenever the vaccine happen here in Brasil and there. Probably by the end of the year/beginning of 2022.

I still being beat to death trying to write a fucking unicorn init service on Alpine.

I've ben listening to Benjamin Booker since 2014. Never gets annoying

controversial technology opinion 

I seem to be in the minority here but a web page should be able to load its content without needing JavaScript. If your page only loads an empty wireframe without JavaScript, you’ve failed at the web. Bare minimum, load the fucking content. If it’s being pulled dynamically, do that server side and then generate a damn page.

Is it shit posting a way to white people say slurs and racist stuff without getting caught?

🙅 echo mem > /sys/power/state
🙆 echo anarchy > /sys/power/state

Do you know that the "cesta básica" which is all basic items necessary to eat and have a minimum of hygiene on a month, is around 58% of that same minimum wage.

That means people are starting to have to pick between eat or have a house.

Also, it's worth noting that we have 20% of unemployment rate. That is, people who are on government list, still have a lot of people who are "enterpreneur" (people who are baking cake to sell on the neighborhood, hot dog cart etc)

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