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We live in a liberal capitalist society, everything is operated by the regency of this system.

If your positions is not an anti-capitalist position, you are colluding with this system that enslave, kills and destroy civilization and people.

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When I began using computers, there was this thing called RSS.

That allows me to read things from your blog/site, without open it. It was good, because there plenty of implementations, and therefore I can read in multiple platforms and get away with things I don't want but could have on your website like tracking, ads, unwanted pop-ups, the ugly design of your blog and focus on what I (and you should) want on your blog/website:

your content, your message.

Please, have a RSS Feed

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Solidarity Economic is awesome. Even with meetings at 8h30

"I’m hearing too much “recycle, compost, go vegan!” and not enough “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions”"

computers are bullshit now. you buy a faster computer and it's slower

Friendly reminder that both communists and anarchists are, anti-capitalists and both wants abolition of the State. [1]

Everyone else on "the left" just wants a "better capitalism" so they can sleep better at night.

[1]: The most prominent difference is the tatics/strategy for this process. Marxists have their thesis around the material conditions and analysis of reality, which imposes hard truths and contradictions and a (as I see) more mature/correct way of seeing the world.

Look mate, stop doing political compass quiz and go read a fucking book.

You are more close to being an anarchist/communist than to be a liberal

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Imagine being anti-capitalist AND calling yourself a liberal

And see, that's not a fault of plain-text emails.

It's their shitty clients and fucking corporations taking decisions for you and not allowing you to do what the fuck you want

(I'm looking at you ProtonMail and Gmail)

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People have a really hard time when trying to send emails.

Specially plain-text emails.

Two things: destroying common sense is REALLY hard and It will take time.

Second: Orwell's 1984 reflects more about our current western society than any other thing *AND* is just a fucking book, go read some serious theory if you want answers or seed some questions.

I mean, Elon Musk *LITERALLY* assumed that they can coup whoever they want.

Evo Morales (the president who had to flee Bolivia due to the coup) was protecting what they call "Mother Nature's Rights" and nationalizing mining companies (one of the country's largest sources of income and one of the largest world reserves).

We have PLENTY of evidences and other similar cases, but those mfs will keep on saying: "oh, but the US never OPENLY STATED THAT THEY COUPED, SO, IT NEVER HAPPENED"

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To say that "Bolivia elected a dictator", even when there is evidence, studies, news saying that NATO forged documents and alleged fraud without any evidence, just when a coup d'état takes place where a president submissive to US interests comes into play says A LOT about who you are and how you think.

It never ceases to amaze me that people who can't even point out a country on the map, can say SO MUCH about the organizational structure, point out errors in the country's history, judge politically.

Meanwhile, in the countries of the Global South, we have to learn and decorate where and how the whole history of Europe and its supposed 'modern civilization'.

I don't have a clue on how can people be so literal.

I wonder if the partner of these people asks for a little "spank" during sex, if they go into the aggressor mode too.

"But you said to spank"

The communism of the Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party were revolutionaries, working to create a new mixture of Marxism, Black nationalism, and anticolonialism.

That being said, what's your favorite free/open sans font?

So far, I'm enjoying Inter and Fira Sans (not so much)

I think the message here is: clean up your own mess first.

Stop allowing your country to intervene on other countries issues like if you/them *actually* care about those issues.

Help your class to achieve liberation first

Oh, that rotting smell? Sure, it's just a thing that happen on our country and culture! Don't mind, they're just illegal "chicanos" trapped in a metal box, but look at what's happening on the evil China! If only they still under colonization...

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