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We live in a liberal capitalist society, everything is operated by the regency of this system.

If your positions is not an anti-capitalist position, you are colluding with this system that enslave, kills and destroy civilization and people.

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When I began using computers, there was this thing called RSS.

That allows me to read things from your blog/site, without open it. It was good, because there plenty of implementations, and therefore I can read in multiple platforms and get away with things I don't want but could have on your website like tracking, ads, unwanted pop-ups, the ugly design of your blog and focus on what I (and you should) want on your blog/website:

your content, your message.

Please, have a RSS Feed

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I think the same idea goes into FOSS projects.

Instead of inventing a new thing, using the same stupid approach with a new name, why don't you just help to improve the ones that are exists?

Instead of inventing a new movement based on zero material knowledge you can join an actual factual movement based on organization and serious theoretical literature about it.

Due to China's law banning foreign funding of the Hong Kong protests, the US has now openly admitted to funding the Hong Kong protests and has been forced to freeze $2 million in planned payouts to Hong Kong "democracy" protest groups.

We must look at the actual substance, interests, & class nature of the Hong Kong protests and not be misled by surface-level aesthetics & language meant to obscure the imperialist interests that the protests serve

the rhetorical trick being played here is that they want you to think that flaws in non capitalist systems are unavoidable and produced inherently by the system, but flaws in capitalist systems are merely bugs that could be fixed with the right people in charge and capitalism itself is unaccountable for these problems

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DNS over HTTPS will not fix your "large company is spying over my traffic" because that is a social problem and you can't fix social problems with technology

“Iran is the largest state-sponsor of terrorism,” says the government that’s operating over 800 foreign military bases and that has propped up right-wing death squads from Al-Qaeda to the Contras.

“Nicolás Maduro is undemocratic,” says the government that’s unilaterally sanctioned Venezuela and is undemocratically trying to install a coup government in Maduro’s place.

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“Fidel Castro was a dictator,” says the government that’s illegally occupying part of the country that Fidel governed and is running a literal *checks notes* torture camp there

I'm currently experimenting with my first black and white film on my SLR (a Pentax KM).

I'm really looking forward to seeing the results

This week I'm getting my hands on my very first rangefinder (I've sent to CLA).

A Canonet QL17 (first generation).

Will load a Ilford HP5 on it.

Just a little reminder that Ecosocialism is more than relevant in times of COVID-19, neoliberalism crisis around the world and intensification of the class struggle.

Imagine trying to abolish human exploitation and get into a more human, sustainable and fair world, collectively built by people who do most of the dirty work and being told constantly that this is garbage or it doesn't matter, never going to work, even though you add historical and rigorous and scientific analysis on top of that.

What an awful world we're in aren't we?

@cassidyjames It would be nice to have links to the source code and the homepage/support at the app center (website and the app).

Like this:

> a social network full of open source enthusiasts

> every post is tagged wwdc, the conference from the company that brought you cool things such as:
> proprietary cables for everything
> an ecosystem so closed you can't develop for one platform if you don't own the other one
> the first removal of the headphone jack
> making technology a status symbol


I'm not saying that you *should not* learn all those things if you want.

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Full Cycle Developer: a developer who does everything because it's cheaper to hire one dev and overload with work than it is to hire multiple and distribute work

Question, do you see yourself as a political subject/political actor?

There are people who can drive a meeting and there's people who don't.

My project manager can't even tho he need to.

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