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The number of emails GitHub sends me to say that my latest push broke something in the continuous integration is demoralizing 🙃

In 2015, I interviewed for a job at Robinhood. The founders had seen a blog post I wrote about how the SEC killed my crypto startup, and thought I might be a good fit.

I guess they realized that it's easier to join the establishment than to beat it.

The number of remixes and covers of the Teriyaki Boyz iconic song "Tokyo Drift" from the F&F movie of the same name is bonkers 🎧

I'm waiting for the day my to-do list ever gets shorter. Not that it is a bad problem to have!

After experiencing the past 12 months the ability of people to be perpetual optimists astounds me

It is crazy to me how user-friendly modern Ubuntu is. If I just used the machine for e-mail/internet I don't think I'd notice the difference from Windows/MacOS - doesn't seem like Linux forces its users to use the command-line anymore

I don't use all that often but did a bit this week. Super great experience, installed the "Freehand raster georeferencer" plugin ( and did some stuff. So thank you to all the open-sorcerers who helped make that possible!

Ever try to wake up from a dream but it turns out you are already awake? Conversely ever try to wake up from a dream only to find you've woke up in another dream (Inception style)? What is real?

Nature Briefing: "First peek inside Mars reveals a crust with cake-like layers"

Me: So like this?

I've just published:
"Maps with Django (part 1): GeoDjango, SpatiaLite and Leaflet"
A quickstart guide to create a web 🗺️ with 🦄 using its module 🌍, the 🪶 database with its spatial extension 🌐 and 🍃

Planning to at least try out a new programming language by porting some :python: code to something else.

Thinking either Julia or Rust, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? The code in question will need to do some array operations + a weighted random walk

1st toot - Hello , I'm a fan of :git: :linuxmintnew: :python: :ubuntu: :inkscape: + more, and keen to continue learning and developing FOSS


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