If pinging/ssh over a local network fails, this is usually due to a firewall, yes?

If so I'm not excited at the prospect of messing with the router/firewall settings...

@elbeejay If you mean two devices on the same local network, no. That usually is an issue with one of the devices, or possibly the switch if it's managed.


@redeagle 👍 thank you, that is helpful to know! I'm trying to get my computer to talk to headless Raspberry Pis all connected to the same network via an unmanaged switch.

@redeagle I think I'm going to re-flash the OS for each Pi to start fresh on that end.

Appreciate the suggestion. They're headless and I don't have the adapter to hookup a monitor so I'm not sure how I'd check for a daemon without being able to ssh into them :blobcat3c:

Ended up just starting from scratch and it's all worked well so far.

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