Planning to at least try out a new programming language by porting some :python: code to something else.

Thinking either Julia or Rust, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? The code in question will need to do some array operations + a weighted random walk

@elbeejay wow, rust and julia, that are two really different languages, I haven't used julia, rust quite low level though, so it might be more cumbersome to write, but it works really well when it's done normally

@sotolf It is a good point, the comparison Rust v Julia is maybe not a fair one (a bit like comparing Python and Fortran maybe?)

@elbeejay Definitely learn Rust. But Julia looks like it might be a more appropriate language in this case; depends how weighted the random walk is.

@wizzwizz4 Thanks for the input. I may just do both as it seems it'll be pretty easy to get a hang of the Julia syntax

@elbeejay i code in rust but it’s quite a bit different in its philosophy. if you want to learn something completely new, i would suggest rust. it’s a great experience, and frankly it helped me write better python afterward.

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