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1st toot - Hello , I'm a fan of :git: :linuxmintnew: :python: :ubuntu: :inkscape: + more, and keen to continue learning and developing FOSS

Ah yes, random loss of power/connection to the USB ports. Linux has been so good to be lately I'd wondered if all these "quirks" were gone

Finding out first-hand that the fun of using an alternative distro quickly ends when you need software to work... and the installation and maintenance process is much better for something like Ubuntu

Is there an easy way to mute all the bots on the federated timeline?

What's the proper file extension for YAML files?

I find myself using both `.yaml` and `.yml` which is inconsistent and creates problems for me.

I alias "ssh" as "ish". Why? 

Because I am "insecure" 😂

Looking for recommendations on how to set up a Raspberry Pi cluster - lots of stuff out there, not sure what is worth reading.

End goal is to be able to dispatch various Python jobs to different cores and save job outputs to some NFS drive.

First day with a Pi Zero! Got a little screen and found someone's repo ( to push images to it.

Looking forward to customizing that display. It's good practice with ssh for me

After some thought, I've decided I can call myself a "software developer". I'd previously been disqualifying myself, but I've made some small pip-installable packages and contributed to a handful of projects... so might as well stop gatekeeping myself

Tesla states that their carbon savings so far are 3,6 megatons:

The current carbon footprint of bitcoin is 36,95 megatons/year: (probably underestimated)

The price of bitcoin has risen 10% on the announcement of this news.

Bitcoin's economic model is set up so that a 10% increase in price will lead to roughly a ten percent increase in emissions.

So in one year, this price increase will wipe out ALL of Tesla's carbon savings.

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The number of emails GitHub sends me to say that my latest push broke something in the continuous integration is demoralizing 🙃

In 2015, I interviewed for a job at Robinhood. The founders had seen a blog post I wrote about how the SEC killed my crypto startup, and thought I might be a good fit.

I guess they realized that it's easier to join the establishment than to beat it.

The number of remixes and covers of the Teriyaki Boyz iconic song "Tokyo Drift" from the F&F movie of the same name is bonkers 🎧

I'm waiting for the day my to-do list ever gets shorter. Not that it is a bad problem to have!

After experiencing the past 12 months the ability of people to be perpetual optimists astounds me

It is crazy to me how user-friendly modern Ubuntu is. If I just used the machine for e-mail/internet I don't think I'd notice the difference from Windows/MacOS - doesn't seem like Linux forces its users to use the command-line anymore

I don't use all that often but did a bit this week. Super great experience, installed the "Freehand raster georeferencer" plugin ( and did some stuff. So thank you to all the open-sorcerers who helped make that possible!

Ever try to wake up from a dream but it turns out you are already awake? Conversely ever try to wake up from a dream only to find you've woke up in another dream (Inception style)? What is real?

Nature Briefing: "First peek inside Mars reveals a crust with cake-like layers"

Me: So like this?

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