@garritfra I'm very happy with Posteo, but it doesn't support custom domain, or do they ...? andschwa.com/posts/posteo/
Spoiler: He used Forward Email to make it work. Not the easiest approach but the possibility is there.

There shouldn’t be any shame in writing small software. Everything doesn’t have to “scale”.

If you build something cool it’s valid and good if it makes you or just a few people happy.

This doesn’t make you a bad programmer.

Interesting experience with a supposed attempt at my company email today. I received a classic "action required, click here to resolve" email, and naturally informed IT Support of it. Being curious (and home) I decided to look it up a little further.

The domain registered to the phishing site is owned by Microsoft and uses Azure services to perform its business, to which I thought holy crap! But turns out it was just a planned exercise by InfoSec in teaching users about Phishing

@nyx And my regular reminder to check out what else is out there, and talk about it!

I've got some recommendations: adrian.geek.nz/movies

If somegroup pushes you to keep up with, say, Game of Thrones push them to keep up with Magus Elgar. You could watch both!

Archiving my new disc with mplayer for the first time, it did catch me off guard LOL.

The Pirate Radio Network Has Two New Services

Pirate Radio AM An open-registration Funkwhale instance for open license music and podcasts.

Pirate Radio TV An open-registration Peertube instance for a wide variety of video and livestream content. Currently seeking content producers and livestreamers to help build a library of original content (even if you just want to mirror your content for exposure on the fediverse).

Please boost for visibility. Thanks.

Just saw a very inspiring talk from HOPE 2020 about Solarpunk, learnt a new idea and a cool word too.


The talk is about 30 minutes and follows by a QA session.

@kev Had a similar situation when "Thunder" (AC/DC) came on the radio the other day. Of course, I'm getting pumped while that intor guitar solo is playing and, out of nowhere, my daughter hollers, "THUN DAH! NA NA NA NAAH NA NA NA NA, THUN DAH!"...... I nearly shed a tear with how proud I was. 😉

Just tried Nix (without the OS). Too bad didn't manage to get OpenGL working.

@solene I think it might be useful for people to follow multiple news sources, especially for those in the journalism industry. In some extreme cases like natural disasters and escalated protests, you might need to rely on live video feeds on some social media platforms which doesn't go into whatever integrated system they are already using.

@lyxell @garritfra TIL you can jump to the opening/closing bracket. Thank you!

@garritfra p and P behaves like o and O, <Shift>+P insert before cursor and P appends after cursor

Couldn't make SD card reading to work on my bare metal Pi Zero. So I'm now writing a Opus decoder by reading the RFCs. Absolutely fun.

@appelgriebsch Agreed! The UI feels bloaty too, even when compared to github.

sr.ht has Pages now. Officially leaving Gitlab. LOL

Can we please stop using Discord for Free software and open source projects, thanks!

@garritfra Wow if this goes far enough I might actually give apple a try.

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